Sunday, December 31, 2006

Good Bye 2006

Here it is New Years Eve of 2006, and I must admit I hope 2007 is a lot better. I'm glad to have all the holiday stresses put behind me, and will approach 2007 head on. This year has been very demanding on me with financial matters, health, family and friends. Money, well there's just never enough especially this time of year. Health, I am battling test results that show I'm boarder line diabetic,high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. I have been dieting and exercising regularly, so time will tell. Family, my mom has not been well this past year, and the doctors are still trying to figure out whats wrong. I hope her next set of blood test show something they can work with. Friends, One of my closest friend is battling a state of mind that makes it almost impossible to help him, and has cost him his family, and high paying job. He will not except that there is a problem, or seek help for it (it is treatable) Two of my other close friends are abroad teaching one in Ternopil, and the other is heading out tomorrow for Costa Rica, and I wish them both well. I must admit that all is not bad with 2006. I have lost weight, and continue to excerise regularly, I did receive a raise in pay at work, and tonight I'll be playing drums with some of my old band mates to ring out the New Year, so it should be a fun one. So, I'm looking forward to 2007 hoping it will be a great year for all.


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