Friday, April 13, 2007

Some flavors are ment to be

Have you ever come across some things that just seem to go together?
Well I have been interested in cooking for many years, and have followed the great chiefs on TV for many years. I have learned some of the culinary lingo, and have enjoyed the many different combinations of food that just seem to blend together. Most people know about bacon and eggs, peanut butter and jam, french fries and gravy, but there is a lot more than meets the eye. Here's were it takes a twist. Believe it or not I'm talking about relationships. I have not had a good relationship with my daughter for a couple of years, and I don't care to provide details out of respect. I know some flavors, like tomatoes and basil are classic in Italian cooking, and Ginger and Lime in Asian, or beans and peppers in Mexican, but there are some flavors that take time to appreciate. If you have never tried peanut butter and celery I know it sounds a little wierd, but give it a try. This is the tie in with my daughter. We haven't spoken in a year, but I can't help but think of her time to time. I can only hope that time will make us like peanut butter and celery... wierd but good! I guess it's the father in me that hopes it will develope into flavors like tomatoes and basil, or peanut butter and jam, but like all great flavors it can take time to blend.
She is the mother of my Grand daughter, and my youngest child. I have only ever wanted a Daddys little girl relationship with her, but that has been harder said than done. We have broken the ice thanks to her for calling me, and I'll be reseptive, but causious, and pray for the best. Wish us luck in creating an outstanding dish!


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Great post Ray! It makes me reflect a lot on my own family.

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