Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day

Another year has past, and here I am reflecting on years gone by. Today is Father's Day, and I'm so appreciative for all my parents have done. I know not all families get along, but when they do there's nothing better. Unfortunately, there is no manual for parenting it's a live and learn as you go experience. Some understand that better than others, and I'm so fortunate to have had two parents that have figured out how to do it very well. I guess we all hope, or expect parents to be generous, loving, thoughtful, and provide their children with unconditional love, and provide them with a sense of reassurance that they will always be there when ever you need them. My parents have always given me and my siblings that sense, and we appreciate each other as a family. I'm the youngest of five, and we've all gone on to have families of our own which has directed us to areas in our lives that we don't all live just a stones through away any more. As our lives get busier it seems to take a "special event" to get us all together like, weddings, funerals, or Christmas, but that's the thing with a close nit family even though some of us live hours away, or we don't see each other for months we still feel very close. I'm fortunate to live close to my parents, so when I'm invited over I know I can get updated on all that's been going on with my family members because we all check in with "Mom and Dad" regularly. I never really gave much thought as a youngster as to how fortunate I was being raised in this environment like most teens I didn't know any different I just figured everyone lived like this, but as you get older you can't help but to look back on " The Old Days" which has made me realize just how fortunate I've been. The saying that you don't always appreciate what you've got till it's gone is sometimes a very sobering experience for some people, and that's why I'm reflecting today because I do appreciate all that my parents have done, and I can only hope that I will be as loving and caring a parent to my own children as they've been to me.


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