Monday, July 16, 2007

Does Size Realy Matter?

According to my title I always hoped the answer was no, but now a days I even think the answer is yes! Having been around, and seen some incredible changes in technology throughout my life time it still amazes me to see just how compact we like our world to be. Thinking back when I was just a young lad it's not hard to see how I was influenced with keeping things small and compact....well most of the time! I grew up in bungalows, a type of house with one main floor and a basement. My best friend to this day is a guy half my size, but we've been best of friends for 40 years. Our parents we're always wanting to buy us clothes that we would "grow into" which meant to big, and made me feel goofy. My first car was a 1979 Camaro Z-28 small, sporty, and fast! Ever since then it's been large family vehicles, and in today's world not very environmentally friendly. Some people dream of owning a large home with lots of acres, but my dream has always been the small cabin in the woods. I recently purchased my first iPod a device that can hold a ridiculous amount of music, or movies, or games that can be downloaded from the Internet. I remember my father bringing home our first colour TV when I was just about 9 or 10 years old. This thing was a monster!....a real piece of furniture that took at least two strong guys to carry, and a third to hold all the doors open while moving it. My first stereo was huge, and had several components to it. Again the weight was always a work out just to move this stuff. My "receiver" was nothing more than a radio. My "turn table" could only play one album, or record at a time, and my "state of the art cassette recorder" could only play one tape at a time, but it had LED lights for volume control during recording and playback...COOL! Get a load of my not what boys called girls chest's during puberty....musicians call headphones cans...these suckers will increase your neck muscles while head bobbing to your favorite tunes, and make your ears all sweaty. What a difference a few decades can make. Look at the size of this iPod, and get this it can hold around five hundred tunes, and the cans...pretty hard to call them that when you can wear them in public and hardly be noticed, and the sound is incredible. I can put this device in my breast pocket and carry it anywhere, unlike my first system that required a vehicle to move it any distance more than a half a block, and a few trips to load it all into the car. I'm very grateful that no matter where I am I can bring all my favorite tunes along with me...mark one up for technology.


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