Saturday, August 04, 2007

Now That's an Entertainment Centre

With all the new technology today that adds comfort to most of our lives it's hard to get off yer rump. Most people have a home entertainment centre that includes a big screen TV, Surround Sound, DVD, and some have HDTV. They would never leave the basement if not for the familiar words "dinners ready." Well this is my version of a home entertainment centre (in the summer time at least) My favorite cooking tool (bar-b-que) my favorite game (backgammon) my favorite drink (Is there anything better than Crown Royal & Canadian Ginger Ale?) my favorite pastime (learning to play the harp) my favorite current book (Across the Great Divide..The Band and America) my favorite tunes (I rock to classic rock) and my favorite source of comfort (my pipe.. like my gram pa used to smoke) I know everyone spends their time differently, but I thought I would share my favorite long weekend pastime.


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