Monday, August 06, 2007

Don't Adjust Your Set's

I finally got off the overnight shift from work, and have now returned to the land of the living. I wasn't able to adjust my internal clock to accept sleeping all day, and being wide awake all night. Some people love it, but it's just not for me. I had three days off between my old and new shift, and that amount of time to switch my sleeping habits. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors this Sunday, and what a picture perfect day it was. There's only one place for me to be on a day like that..yup.. the lake! The sun was shinning, and not a cloud in the sky, also a good breeze that help the waves roll in, and decrease the feeling of the heat. I guess that's why I just couldn't convince myself to move into the shade. Heck I've been in the dark for the last three months, and man did it feel good to feel the sun on my face....well until I got home, and looked in the mirror. Lobster face! We all now that the suns rays can be harmful, and isn't good for our skin, and not to mention the link with skin cancer, but man it just felt so good. I'm glad I left when I did because this could have easily been a third degree burn day. I'm putting vitamin enrich oil on my skin to help sooth, and prevent pealing (I only wish it could do something for my looks) but I hope it will turn into a nice tan.


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