Monday, August 20, 2007

Easy come, easy go....easy come again

Well it was that time of the year again for Bernie and Tina's annual pool party. We have been celebrating this now for around 6-7 years, and it's always been a great gathering. This year the weather was a perfect 90 degrees, and not a cloud in the sky. It always attracts around 40-50 people, and we play live music. This year I played as an official member of "Kurb Appeal" (the name of our band) I'd been asked to help out playing a couple times before with them, but as of early spring I was asked to become a permanent member. It's always nice to see old friends that you only see around once a year, and get a chance to catch up. It was a perfect day, weather, friends, food, drinks, and live music what could be better? Well, having all these wonderful memories to share with family and friends, but unfortunately that wasn't meant to be. I had taken my camera as I usually do, and took lots of great shots, but at the end of the night the camera was nowhere to be found. I just figured it would show up the next day during the clean up , and didn't really worry much more than that. The next day I returned to gather my other belongings, chair and cooler, but still no camera. I then thought someone probably mistakenly gather it at the end of the night, and when they realize it they'll call Bernie or Tina, and I'll be reunited. After a week of silence I could only come to one conclusion there was a thief among us. A close friend of mine also lost a pair of sunglasses. The camera itself wasn't really expensive, and I've already gone out and purchased another with the swipe of my card (just to easy), but what really bums me out is who ever did this stole my memories, and that hurts! Fortunately Tina took some pictures and was kind enough to email me a couple, so this is all I have to share. Yours truly rocking on, and my friends Mary and Romana (who lost her sunglasses in this shot) Honestly though, I can't wait for next years party! I'll be there (good lord willing) and ready to capture more memories.


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