Monday, September 10, 2007

Laughter Is Still the Best Medicine

A high priced lawyer is traveling home after a long day at the office in his large limo. He orders his driver to stop as he sees two men on the side of the road eating grass. As the window lowers down he inquires "excuse me gentlemen, but why are you eating grass?" Ashamed, and shy one man half raises his head, and says timidly "it's all I can afford to eat."
The lawyer says "come inside my car, and I shall bring you home to a feast" The man replies "thank you kind Sir, but I have a wife, and four children that are sitting in the shade under a tree just over there" (that he points to.) The lawyer replies "no problem bring them along as well, I have plenty to share."
The second man looks at the lawyer hoping for an invite as well. The lawyer inquires the same question to him, and the man replies the same "it's all I can afford to eat." C'mon along as well" says the lawyer, but the man replies, "but kind Sir I have a wife, and six children also sitting under the same tree."The lawyer without hesitation says " bring them along as well I have plenty to share."
Good thing the lawyer had a limo, there was just enough room for everyone to sit. The two men and their families humbly said "thank you kind Sir this is the most generous offer anyone has ever given us."
The lawyer replied "Like I said, I have plenty to share." " Heck, the grass at my place is a foot high!"


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