Sunday, September 09, 2007

Rib Fest 2007

This weekend was the annual rib fest in Oshawa held down by the lake where thousands come out to have a great time, and sample some fine bar-b-que cuisine. This year my friend Romana came out with me, and we both agreed we had a fun night. The cookers come from all over North America, and can't wait to show off all their trophies (tables full) and banners bragging about the number of years they have won. This festival seems to be getting a little bigger every year, and why not it's a fun time. They have it all sectioned off, so as long as you stay within the boundaries you can drink, and enjoy the live music, and food till your hearts content. They have plenty of vendors selling different stuff, a few rides for the kids, and plenty of different musical acts to please everyone. It can get a little pricey, so sometimes you just have to improvise (I snuck a little wine in, in a couple of Gatorade bottles) Romana isn't big on beer. The cooks usually supply a variety of foods such as: ribs, chicken, pull pork, and corn on the cob. I guess the secret is to stand in the longest line because that usually is an indicator who's making the best food, and trust me the lines can be a 1-2 hour wait. Romana and I decided not to stand in line all night, and tried one with less wait time. After we both tried the first rib we agreed it wasn't anything to brag about, but good all the same. We took in all the sites, and enjoyed the band (I even bought her a hat she had her eye on) hey what are friends for, so she bought the ribs. I really enjoyed myself, and so did Romana. I'm glad I have a good friend to share good times with. That's what life's all about!


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