Sunday, November 11, 2007

Daddy's Little Girl

My little baby girl recently turned Where does the time go? She has grown into a beautiful young woman. Our relationship has not always been a close one, but I think that's just part of growing up. We've been keeping in touch more recently, and I was happy to celebrate her 19th birthday with her. Nothing fancy, but it gave us time to talk, and enjoy each others company.
It's kind of hard to except the different stages your kids go through in life from a parents perspective because you just don't want them making any of the same mistakes we made.
I think it has to do with that "letting go" phrase, and let them hopefully learn from any mistakes they make, but it's hard..real hard!

You can't stop anyone from becoming an individual and having independent thoughts and outlooks on life, but there are good and bad outlooks, and as parents we try to instill all the good ones, and minimize all the bad, but there just wouldn't be any learning if not for our mistakes. Perfect people in a perfect world?...sounds to good to be true... a nice thought non the less.

I think there will always be a generation gap, but the more we learn, and understand each other the smaller that gap becomes...I hope.


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