Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy

One of the toughest things in life for some people to accept is change, what's even harder is not recognizing when it's time for a change. I recently realized it was time for a change for me, and have resigned from my job of four years in a call center. Do to the recent changes that the company made I felt it was not in my best interest to continue in that environment. I made a lot of great friends over the past four years, and for me that's the toughest part to accept not seeing them on a daily bases. Thanks to email, and Facebook I will not lose touch with these friendships. Plenty has been said about the daily operations of this company, and not all has been positive. Some people have felt the need to vent their frustration publicly via emails, or other Internet access, but I feel sorry for those folks who simply didn't realize the need for change before their meltdowns. I guess I'm lucky in that sense that I not only recognized it I was able to act on it, and have already moved on. I truly have no regrets at all, and thanked the management staff for the employment opportunity for the past four years. Jobs are not easy to come by, but don't let them rule your's to short.


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