Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Step In The Right Direction

I was happy to hear some good news for cab drivers within my company. Yesterday they announced that ever vehicle within our company would be fixed with two security cameras to help deter crime against cab drivers. Up until now there has been no real perventative measures made for our safety. As I mention in my previous post the threat of physical harm to cab drivers is very real. I am now in my compulsory training program, and I am learning just how dangerous a job it can be. This program has opened my eyes to some of the situations we drivers may in counter, and it has made me much more aware and cautious while out on the streets. Although, the camera can not stop a knife or bullet (as one driver pointed out) it might help to cut down on those want-to-be criminals looking for a quick buck. I hope they make this a mandatory step for all taxicabs in Durham region. It's been a long time coming, and a real step in the right direction.


Blogger The Saint said...

Hey Rayambo,

It's been awhile since I checked your blog. I see you're a taxi driver now. I think taxi drivers and teachers have a lot in common. We both have to deal with many different personalities everyday. Just be your good natured self and you'll find people will respond the same way. I'll be back in Canada on December 13th. I hope to play pool with you and Papa Saint. By the way, I just added you on facebook.


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