Saturday, December 08, 2007

Will "The Song Remains The Same"?

With the much anticipated reunion of Led Zeppelin's Dec 10th concert in England the only real question is will they still sound the same as they did without Bonzo?. When Zeppelin started to really make it big in the late 60's early 70's I was very young, but very receptive to "rock and roll." I was interested in music, and already working on my chops as a drummer. I would bang on everything I could lay my hands on, and had already learned "Wipe Out" the drum solo to be measured by back then.

I always zeroed in on the rhythm section of a song, and always used that to measure whether it was worth listening to. If it made me bob my head, or start banging my hands in rhythm to it than it was my kind of song.

When Led Zeppelin hit the air waves it was like an awakening. I couldn't believe my ears the songs this band was playing, and again I wasn't much interested in the lyrics, but the rhythm of the songs, the back bone that made you move to them either physically, or emotionally was provided by John "Bonzo" Bonham, and John Paul Jones.

I won't bother going into to much detail about the band because you can simply Google it, or tune into any rock radio station, and I'm sure you will be bombarded with info about the group because of the up and coming reunion.

One thing I am very happy about was the bands decision to let Jason Bonham(son of late John) fill in on drums. Rather fitting I think.

Jason is a great drummer in his own right, and I think he knows every Zeppelin song inside and out, but the solo of "Moby Dick" no matter who tries to emulate it, will always belong to Bonzo.

Even though in the early years the remaining members unanimously agreed they could never go on without John I'm glad time has healed their wounds, and I hope they can still make "The Song's Remain The Same."


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