Thursday, February 28, 2008

All In A Days Work

I've been driving cab now for five months in my home town of Oshawa, and although it still doesn't pay much.. I love it! I guess it's the variety of people I meet, and see each day that keeps it interesting. It takes time like any job to learn some of the tricks to making it more enjoyable. I'm learning what type of weather people will and won't tolerate. Rain, or snow doesn't mean it will be busy because under those circumstances it usually means warmer temperature, and people will tolerate that rather than spend their hard earned money on a cab, but add wind, and voila watch the money roll in. Windy days, and cold temps are a cabby's dream come true because you just can't hide from the wind, and umbrellas are useless against it.

Learning what day's the government cheques come out will give you a heads up on what type of day you'll be having. Very busy! On those day's usually towards the end of the month there will be an increase in fares going grocery shopping, liquor and beer stores, and more people in general using cabs why? because it's pay day!!!

Learning the turf, or the areas that produce higher volume of calls is still the toughest part of the job to predict, but the longer I've been doing it the more I'm learning. Downtown is the place to be simply because it is the "zone" that backs up the majority of other zones. If there are no cabs in a certain zone and a call comes in for that zone than chances are the downtown zone will receive that call and send a car to it. Certain zones do not have as many back up zones, so you may sit longer in a certain zone than if you are in the downtown zone..follow? However, this does not guarantee you'll be busy because most of the drivers hang out downtown, so it's not uncommon to be 8th, or 9th in the ques when in the downtown zone. What am I getting at?? it's totally unpredictable, and honestly that's what makes it fair. Like in any game may the best man win!

Scooping is a term used when you happen to be in the right place at the right time, and there is a fare standing there waiting..what do you do?? (A) Take the fair immediately? (B) Ask if they called ahead for another cab company? (C) Asked if they called ahead for your company? (D) Never leave a customer waiting? Answer: (C) If the fare called ahead for a cab from your own company than politely reply I'm sure it will be hear any minute. Taking another mans fare means stealing his earnings and that's not tolerated...unless it's for another cab company then by all means, but don't get caught!

Everyone knows cabby's have some great stories to tell, and the only reason for that is because of the variety of people we meet, and see each day. I think most people who deal with the public have stories to tell, but I must admit I've had some people tell me things they probably have never told anyone they know their little secrets, and why us? why not? cabby's have the reputation of being crazier than most of our fares...right?

I have no idea how long I'll stay at this job, probably till I simply can't afford to do it anymore, and that may not be to long away, but until something better comes along I think I'll stay put because I do love to be entertained, and trust me...this job is ever bit that..
Here are just a few pics of the interesting people that add colour to the downtown scene...
Pic 1: A lady of the street keeps walking to stay warm
Pic 2: A shot of the downtown taxi stand next to the bus terminal
Pic 3: I'm not sure why, but this guy likes to wear big pink bunny ears
Pic 4: This guy likes to wear pink womens clothes...just lovely...


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