Friday, February 01, 2008

Beating the Winter Blahs

Ontario just had it's worst winter storm of the year today, and I must admit it reminded me of the winters we use to get when I was a kid. Remember the stories of how your parents had to walk to school in snow up to their knees? well it's true! Back before we had all this global warming effect we use to have white Christmas's regularly none of this one or two storms a season we seem to get now.

I took full advantage of it , and created a great day for myself. We had lots of notice it was coming, so I decided to take the day off work. Instead of getting up at my usual 5:30am I rolled out of bed at 8:30 am, and sashayed into the kitchen to have a cup of coffee. Opened the drapes to see the snow storm in full force, and sat on the couch and sipped my coffee and smiled. Turned on the TV to hear the news of the day, and couldn't help but wish I had a better TV because the picture on my set is getting a little blurry. Hmmm I thought to myself I could go and do a little shopping I'm sure the stores won't be busy, so that's exactly what I did. I found a new Sony flat screen HDTV on sale and bought it. Nothing like pampering yourself to beat the winter blahs.

In no time at all I was enjoying a nice clear picture on my new set, and had to have a cold beer to celebrate...I know it's winter out, but I'm Canadian eh..

I basically spent the day on the couch in front of my new set kicking back and chillin what else are snow days for? Typically I would cook something hardy that would require an all day simmering like a chilly, or stew, but instead decided on pizza...mmmmm the perfect meal for a perfect day...oh and lets not forget strawberry cheese cake for dessert.

The snow was still coming down as it had all day long, but I notice the wind had died down, and so I decided to go for a walk down by the lake. It was sooo peaceful not a sole down there other than yours truly. Unfortunately, the snow didn't make for good pictures because I just couldn't get a pic of the lake at night, but trust me the waves where at least 8-10 feet high, and just thunder est sounding as they hit the shore. The snow was becoming more wet like rain mixed in so, I decided to head back to the car, but not before taking a pic of standing in snow up to my knees. (just like the good old days)

After completing this blog I will return to my new set with a glass of wine, and maybe my pipe, and enjoy my thoughts of my perfect day....winter blahs?...not today.


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