Wednesday, March 05, 2008

As Homer Would Say......Boring!!!!!!!!!

The Durham Police in Oshawa recently made a sweep of the downtown streets, and arrested 15-20 hookers on crack cocaine related charges. I'm sure the businesses there are happy to see the clean up, but what's a cabbie to do? I spend alot of time hanging around idle on those streets, and without my eye candy it just won't feel the same.

I guess the only ray of light is I'm sure they will be back on familiar turf in no time. This isn't the first story of this kind to make headlines in our town, and I'm sure it won't be the last. Would downtown streets in any major city feel the same without our ladies of the streets? I think not, and where else can you go and see a free fashion show on the real cat walks?

Fish net stockings, and thigh high boots... do they ever really go out of style?
Pic 1 The big blue meanies doing their job
Pic 2 The bare streets of the Schwaa


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